Dementia Care Home Operational Manual



AT LAST!  A manual on how to develop dementia care homes.


“This guide provides a practical template for delivering real outcomes in person centred care. it contains the formula to enable change – we now need collectively and individually to have the energy, courage and passion to put this into practice. There is no excuse not to get on with it and make a difference!”

Pauline Shaw, Director of Care Service Development, The Royal Star and Garter Homes.


Achieving has sold over 500 copies in the UK & USA in it's first month.



After featuring in the BBC TV Programmes with Gerry Robinson,  David went away to write the first definitive manual on achieving the best in developing dementia care homes:








"ACHIEVING: real outcomes in dementia care homes."  

Is a manual based on actual evidence of how care homes can really provide person centred care.   


Written in an easy 12 step guide ACHIEVING demonstrates how care homes, on a practical day by day basis, can focus on true improvements in people's quality of life. This is done by wasting less time on meaningless procedures and instead concentrating on achieving 36 outcomes that guarantee both quality of service and quality of life.


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 “This manual forms the basis of our new Memory Lane Guide for all our communities within Barchester Healthcare and we hope offers you and your organisation clarity on what it really takes to ‘get it’ in dementia care.” 

Sheena Wyllie, Director of Dementia Care, Barchester Healthcare





This new publication was launched alongside membership of a national movement to improve dementia care homes at a major National Conference at the University of Surrey on 14th April 2011.   


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