Two day workshop for day care support workers.


"Making Each Day Count" Living with a dementia; being supported by day care services.



To focus day services staff on best practice in providing a person centred model of support.


To identify specific operational issues requiring further action and develeopment.


To develop a set of minimum standards and approach to meeting individual different needs.


To give an opportunity to refelct on what matters most living with a dementia.


Objectives - Day One:

Structuring the day for individuals and groups and observing people's lived experience.


Auditing qualitative outcomes during the day.


Knowing how to assess where someone is along their journey of living with a dementia.


Learning the language of dementia and how to work with feeling based language.


Objectives - Day Two:

Focussing on increasing people's individual well-being and decreasing ill-being.


Developing skills in providing activities that are meaningful to each individual.


Implementing being a "Butterfly" in day support services.


Developing best practice alongside Dementia Care Matters model of person centred and relationship focussed dementia care.


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