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NEW for 2012  -  Two new one-day workshops:


Being person centred with older people who are lesbian, gay,
bisexual or transgender.  

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Join our worlds together: Develop an understanding of people experiencing a learning disability and dementia. 

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Being a Star

10 day programme  - Benefit from developing staff who will transfer skills into team action that not only changes themselves but care cultures too.

Training that places the central focus of learning on improved self awareness, practical skills and being action based as the route to being person centred. This 10 day programme aims to develop emotional intelligence; focuses on developing specialist skills and through coaching and direct implementation changes people's quality of life.


Leadership Matters in Person centred Dementia Care

5 day programme  - Benefit from the inspiration, expertise and practical methods this brings to help you deliver a positive leadership style and culture.

Focuses on exploring the truth behind a services current care approach. Defines best practice and enables managers to measure their service against national indicators of quality. Examines the emotional connection within people's leadership style promoting a new culture of "attached professionalism." Key projects are identified for leaders to work on and progress on these is reviewed.


Auditing Skills: Enabling Quality of Life - an evaluation tool

2 day programme, optional 3rd day  - Benefit from developing a way to understand and evaluate the lived expereince of people in your care setting.

Trains staff on how to undertake qualitiative observations. Gives staff direct experience using the Enabling tool and in comparing their findings. Helps staff structure their reports, how to give colleagues feedback and enables staff to write action plans that will work to improve quality of life.


Becoming a Butterfly

1 day programme - Benefit from introducing a way for staff to increases their positive social interactions with people.

Gives staff lots of ideas how to connect and occupy people. Provides staff with the opportunity to practice during the workshop the butterfly approach directly in lounges and dining rooms. Increases staff confidence with practical ideas on how to change the moment.


Teamwork Matters in Being Person Centred

2 day programme - Benefit from working together as a team in being person centred with one another.

Focuses on the application of person centred principles to oneself as an individual. Looks at how to join up the personal and the professional. Considers how to create person centred staff teams who apply this philosophy with one another first.


Improving Well-being

1 day programme  - Benefit from focusing the team on how enhancing well being is the key to person centred care.

Creates inspirational ways to improve well being. Considers how to assess a person's well being and ill being. Explores ways to increase well being and decresase ill being.


Learning the Language of Dementia

1 day programme  - Benefit from knowing how to interpret the meaning in people's communication.

Demonstrates how connecting to people is central to being person centred. Provides insight to the meaning behind peoples words and into the expression of feelings which lead to behaviour. Gives staff skills in feelings based communication and supporting people's different realities.


Sexuality, Intimacy & Relationships

1 day programme  - Benefit from learning how to support people's expression and need for closeness.

Helps staff to explore their own attitudes to sexuality as personal influences are key to unlocking feelings about sexuality and dementia. Looks at how the experience of a dementia affects this key area of people's lives. Provides skills in opening up the subject with people living with a dementia, their families and within staff teams. Highlights the need for a clear policy and takes staff through best practice approaches.


Later Stage Dementia Care

1 day programme  - Benefit from developing this specialism within dementia care.

Emphasises that meeting these needs is critical within person centred care and requires a specialist approach. Helps staff to assess when a person's needs have reached this point. Identifies positive features of a specialist later stage service. Helps staff explore how to practically set up this model of support within their own care service.


Maintaining Momentum Matters

1 day programme  - Benefit from having the experience as a team in learning how to recharge efforts and maintain drive in dementia care.

Many care services have worked hard to develop their skills in being person centred and providing person centred care and support. Provides an oportunity to "take stock" of achievements, be inspired by new learning from other fields and to find ways to maintain momentum.


Nurturing Staff Well-being at Work

2 day programme  - Benefit from understanding how person centred care begins with supporting staff with their emotions at work

Develops confidence to explore with staff and all colleagues their emotions at work. Considers the impact of emotional labour in dementia care. Practises using tools to support person centred staff teams. Aids recruitment, appraisal, supervision and support of staff.


Dementia Care Matters at Home

2 day program - Benefit from looking at how to support people living in their homes through this model.

Applies the Felleings Matter Most model to people living in their own homes or attending day support services. Provides home care staff and support workers in day services with ways to be person centred.



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