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The ‘Feelings Matter Most’ series of 6 books authored by Dr David Sheard.


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 NEW Operational Manual



 "Achieving"  is the sixth in the Feelings Matter Most series authored by Dr David Sheard and published by Dementia Care Matters.  


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This new "How to" guide provides a joined up approach to achieving a person centred and relationship focused care home.  Benefit from step by step guidance on adopting 12 core beliefs and achieving 36 outcomes in dementia care.


Care homes following this model report benefits that include:

  • Increased well-being.
  • Evidence of quality of life outcomes for regulators.
  • Reduced staff turnover, sickness & absenteeism
  • Decreased falls & safeguarding alerts.
  • Achieving peoples’ weight gain.
  • Business advantage through reputation.


People wanting to read more about Dementia Care Matters approach to dementia care can do so by obtaining the 5 books in the ‘Feelings Matter Most’ series authored by Dr David Sheard and published by Alzheimer's Society.



‘Being: an approach to life and dementia’

BEING person centred involves helping staff to shift their focus from only ‘doing’ tasks to being able to reach people on the inside.

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‘Enabling: quality of life an evaluation approach’

ENABLING quality of life starts with really seeing, hearing and feeling the minute by minute experiences of people and being determined to improve the moment.

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‘Inspiring: leadership matters in dementia care’

INSPIRING leadership in dementia care means shifting people from detached management to attached leadership where people lead from the heart and not just by the hand.

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‘Nurturing: emotions at work in staff’

NURTURING staff’s emotions in dementia care and supporting their emotional labour and team relationships is the key to solving the riddle of why being person centred as a service is so difficult at times to achieve.

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‘Growing: training that works in dementia care’

GROWING training that works requires a shift from tick-box awareness level training to growing real learning and reflection – turning skills into action through coaching and service development.BUY NOW               Click here