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Dementia Care in the NHS


At the 2nd National Conference on Acute Hospitals and Dementia, organised by St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, David Sheard launched Dementia Care Matters' new model:


"Inspiring Dementia Care in the NHS: The 70 point NHS Culture and Quality of Care Checklist. 


 Download here - checklist


 2 day workshop available for 15 staff.  Details click here



Examples of topics covered in training with NHS staff are:


Establishing a feelings based approach in NHS acute settings 

How to establish a clear model of person centred care 


The lived experience of people with a dementia in acute settings

Implementing qualitative observation in ward settings


Leadership matters in dementia care

Leading person centred dementia care in acute settings


Removing old cultures

How to shift a service, with features rooted in old cultures of care and working practices, to being more person centred.


The Butterfly approach

How to reduce the focus of routines on wards and improve well-being


Relationship centred care

Developing a proactive approach with families rather than reactive


Overcoming resource issues

How to work within the constraints.


70 point checklist for NHS Acute settings.


Recruitment guidance