Dementia Care Makeover


Turn your dementia care service around in 4 weeks


Over the last few years we have been deluged on TV with home makeover programmes.  However the concept is quite a useful one in relation to dementia care services.

Seeing the idea of a short intensive concentrated period of time to achieve change is an effective way to create tangible measurable improvements in both quality of service and quality of life aspects.


Sometimes investing in one off training courses or workshops is not the best way to achieve change.  One day events and tick box training may raise peoples personal awareness levels but rarely have the organisational impact or the operational follow through to lead to culture change.


A Dementia Care Makeover is about investing for a one month period in less talk and more action which focuses on:


  • Mentoring a General Manager on achieving outcomes
  • Supervising Team Leaders and Nurses on how to lead their shifts
  • Boosting a Staff Team through direct hands on coaching on shifts
  • Creating speedy visible quality of life improvements
  • Turning a dementia care home around quickly
  • Improving the quality of the lived environment in a practical, immediately visual way
  • Leaving a care home immediately transformed
  • Providing a real plan on how to sustain the months progress


A Dementia Care Makeover is achieved by a Dementia Care Matters Consultant being on site for a minimum of 3 days per week over 4 working weeks.


To discuss this opportunity in more detail please call: 01273 242335 or 07889 000801.