Service development



Achieving in-house sustainability.

It is wise for organisations of all sizes to invest in building in house expertise to maintain momentum and achieve sustainability. This requires an organisation to identify key staff with
the potential to develop the organisation. Dementia Care Matters is strongly committed to sharing its expertise. It is important to encourage organisations to grow their own capacity and to provide their own internal consultancy support, training and coaching skills. With the aim of facilitating this growth in organisations Dementia Care Matters is keen to work to develop in-house teams of trainers, coaches and auditors.

Dementia Care Matters provides 3 workshop programmes specifically designed to grow in-house capacity. These 3 workshop programmes support staff internally within organisations who have a service development or internal consultancy role. These 3 workshop programmes are all recognised by the University of Surrey:


The Being a Star’™ programme – trainers implementation course

8 day programme


Auditing skills: Enabling Quality of Life: An Evaluation Tool

2 day programme


Developing Consultancy Skills in Dementia Care

5 day programme



The Being a Star™ programme – trainers implementation course


Benefit from acquiring the skill and expertise to train and develop your service in the Dementia Care Matters model


Provides trainers with the methods to deliver all aspects of Dementia Care Matters successful model. These methods and tools, within the model, have been subject to a rigorous pilot and independent evaluation and have been packaged in a single programme,
comprising of 10 workshops, titled, “Being a Star.”™ The evaluation identified that this model led organisations to a completely different level of measurable change.


Evaluation available on CD - for details call 01273 242335.


The aim of this workshop programme is to provide participants with the skills to shift the focus away from providing dementia care awareness training to direct team action and improvements in services.  It achieves this through three levels of training and skills development. The first level focuses on the real meaning of being person centred as an individual. The second level helps staff as a team to grow in confidence to improve people’s quality of life in dementia care. The third level concentrates on the development of specialist skills and action.


This workshop aims to develop participants expertise in this model over an eight day course held in 5 parts – this includes 2 days attendance over the year supporting people in reviewing their progress as they deliver their own Being A Star programmes. This helps to consolidate trainers skills and abilities to lead culture change.


Participants coached through this programme are required to complete an assessed written assignment and are observed facilitating an element of a workshop. This programme is recognised by the Division of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey.


Following successful completion of the programme trainers will be able to purchase a license which gives them an agreement from Dementia Care Matters to use the Being a Star methods, tools and materials within their own service. The license will be owned by the organisation for use by named individuals whilst in and not beyond their employment with the  organisation. The license will run for a period of 2 years after which time the licensee can apply for a renewal. Renewal will be subject to the discretion of Dementia Care Matters and the decision to renew will be based upon the assessment of an application and possible observation of the licensee’s suitability to continue.


This workshop programme is also available for individuals through our National training programme.


Auditing skills: Enabling Quality of Life: An Evaluation Tool


Benefit from establishing an internal team focussed on measuring quality of life and coaching on service improvements.


Skills people wishing to become an auditor using Dementia Care Matters qualitative observational approach – ‘Enabling: quality of life matters’. Participants become accomplished in how to use the tool, rate the service and write an action plan. The course helps participants on how to give feedback and how to coach a team on improving quality of life. (a two day workshop, for participants seeking eligibility for University recognition a written assignment will need to be submitted).


This workshop programme is also available for individuals through our National training programme.



Developing Consultancy Skills in Dementia Care


Dementia Care Matters will share their consultancy expertise from the last 16 years.


Presents an overview of consultancy skills and how to facilitate their implementation within dementia care. The particular focus will be on skills involved in leading on culture change in dementia care settings. This programme is aimed principally at in-house teams of staff i.e. nurses with a clinical development lead responsibility or people with a service development role.

This workshop programme is also the recommended next step for trainers who have successfully completed The Being a Star™ programme: trainers implementation course. This course complements the Being a Star programme as it focuses on the person as a consultant ensuring that the previously developed skills and methods to deliver the model can be supported by the individual.


This workshop programme is also available for individuals through our National training programme.