Our long awaited DVD based learning programme for nurses, care workers and managers.


MATTERING in a dementia care home - part one


Two hour staff training DVD in four easy to follow sections.

David Sheard with four leading care homes demonstrates the very best dementia care

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Feelings Matter Most DVD series.


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The aim of the DVDs series is to:

Provide an inspiring educational series of films for managers, nurses and care workers.  

Demonstrate key concepts in person centred and relationship focused dementia care.

Show what person centred care looks, sounds and feels like.

Create emotional connection through the use of film, music and experiential live training exercises.

Enable inspiring key training messages to be transferred into action.

Experience Dr David Sheard's passionate style of training in a low cost format for large numbers of staff.

Supplement Dementia Care Matters 'Butterfly Projects' with back up learning materials.



 DVD 1: Feelings in dementia care matter  

This DVD can be used to help people reflect on the importance of BEING person centred rather than doing tasks.

Featuring an introductory interview between David Sheard and John Suchet, Radio & TV presenter.

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DVD 2: Experiencing the truth in dementia care  

Managers, Trainers, Nurses and Care Staff watching  this DVD will learn a simple, easy to use observational  methodology.

Features a live dementia care workshop presented by David Sheard.

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 DVD 3: Establshing foundations in dementia care     

This DVD can be used as a learning tool for staff to grasp how all the components of person centred dementia care fit together.

Featuring John Suchet pushing David Sheard hard on what he believes matters most in dementia care homes, his methodology and personal motivations.

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DVD 4: Leading with heart in dementia care

This DVD focuses on how three managers have implemented inspiring leadership in dementia care.



DVD 5: Implementing culture chnage in dementia care.

This DVD identifies clear practical steps in improving a dementia care home.

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DVD6: Needing a real quality dementia care home.

This DVD shares two family experiences on what they wanted from a dementia care home.

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David Sheard and Dementia Care Matters approach as featured in the BBC 2 series:


"Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes?"



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