Can you fix dementia care?



We all know within five minutes of walking in a care service whether what we are experiencing is really person centred. We know in our gut ‘Does this feel like a family, a community, people sharing life together like best friends, or is this just being run by people in control. The problem is all care services have decided they are ‘person centred’, so no one really knows what it really looks, sounds and feels like any more. We hope we have given you more ideas on what the picture on the box should look like.


We cannot yet fix dementia. We can fix our approach. ‘Fixing’ involves accepting the focus on quality of service has not worked. Fixing means shifting our emphasis onto achieving quality of life and seeing this as the key to quality of service.


Fixing involves celebrating and learning from those care services that really work.

We hope this Website and Dementia Care Matters gives you some ideas on how to move forward. We hope you ‘get it’!