Home Support Matters



At a conference organised by Worcestershire County Council, Peter Priednieks,

Director / Senior Consultant and Daren Felgate, Consultant Trainer launched

Dementia Care Matters' new model for dementia care home support:



"Inspiring Home Support: The 50 Point Outcomes" Checklist.


Download herechecklist



Two day workshop for Home Care Support Workers


"Living with a dementia – being supported at home"



To enable staff to focus their skills on being person centred alongside people living in their own home


To give participants an opportunity to reflect on what matters most living with a dementia


To shift home support from task based care to relationship focused support




Reflecting on what people living with a dementia have to say about their current experience of services


Learning how to know where someone is along their journey of living with a dementia


Supporting people living with a dementia in their different reality


Learning the language of dementia and how to work with feeling based language


Providing personal care in a person centred way


Working alongside families as partners in home support


Knowing how to focus on increasing peoples individual well being and decreasing ill being


Shifting from task based home care to relationship based home support


Developing best practice alongside Dementia Care Matters model – ‘Inspiring: Home Support – Relationships Matter in Person Centred Dementia Care’


 Full details of this workshops click here