QCF Linked Training


Dementia Care Matters links workshops to the Qualification and Credit Framework - Levels 2 & 3 Dementia related qualifications.



The four most popular one day workshops include.

  • Becoming a Butterfly
  • Feeling based communication skills
  • Expressions of behaviour
  • Sexuality, intimacy and relationships
Workshops available in-house for 15 participants from only £950 + VAT & expenses  

For details of each workshop see below. 



"Becoming a Butterfly."

“An introduction to essential skills that all care staff need......Why  didn’t I  know this before?”  (course participant) 


This workshop is effective in moving staff focus away from TASK.  It is THE workshop where you can  SEE, HEAR and FEEL  instant results.
  • Motivate staff to increase positive interactions with people and change the moment.
  • Change the atmosphere in your lounges instantly.
  • Turn your staff into colourful butterflies.
  • Prove activities can be part of everyone’s role.
  • Know how to fill up the environment.
  • Create real outcomes for CQC and commissioners.              For flyer - click here 



"Feeling based communication skills." 

"This day really helped me take a step back and consider ways that we communicate with people every day - I know now we often get it wrong but I feel confident that the team can take a fresh appoach now."      (course participant)


This workshop helps staff to enter the same bubble with people living with a dementia, learn how to not be in a seperate bubble and the importance of not bursting a person's bubble.
  • Learn new communciation skills
  • Grasp how to become and interpreter.
  • Practice finding new meaning behind words
  • Understand that people living with a dementia will increasingly      communicate their feelings through language that is not always literal.
  • Create real outcomes for CQC and commissioner.              For flyer click here



 "Expressions of behaviour"

“The whole team agree that today has forced us to look at people’s behaviours through new eyes. We want to support each other better and eliminate all negative responses.“   (Home Manager and course participant)


This workshops helps staff understand that the behaviours expressed by people living with a dementia are a way of communicating and expressing a need and feelings. Work through a set of ‘recipes’ on how to respond to “behaviours”
  • Understand links between behaviour, needs and feelings.  
  • Explore links between life histories and behaviours.
  • Practice finding the meaning behind behaviours.
  • Develop strategies to remove negative language and controlling care and how to focus on positive responses.
  • Create real outcomes for CQC and commissioners.                                            For flyer click here



"Sexuality, intimacy and relationships"

“Without Dementia Care Matters guidance on this day I don’t think we would have ever been able to move forward in this area, I feel very relieved.“  (course participant)


This workshop helps staff to break the taboo on this subject.
  • Explore the many ways in which living with a dementia has an impact on intimacy needs and how these needs are expressed  
  • Consider a model for identifying reasons, triggers and positive approaches.
  • Discuss the creation of a policy about sexuality in your care setting.
  • Learn how to open up the subject with staff, families and people experiencing a dementia
  • Create real outcomes for CQC and commissioners.                       For flyer click here


Other workshops are available.


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