The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook Review

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook is the ultimate guide for transitioning to a plant-based diet without having to do all of the research, prep and planning that is often required when making a diet change. It is said that 95% of people fail when trying to change their diet and that’s because it’s typically a lot of work. You have to do an abundance of research, sift through hundreds of recipes to find some that seem appealing, buy groceries you may have never purchased before, create a meal plan, and then get started. Most of your effort and motivation is gone before you even get started. The good news is that you don’t have to do any of this with The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook. All of the hard work, research, prep and planning is already done for you and put into pre-made grocery shopping lists, meal plans, over 100 vegan recipes, 30-day plans, and more. You don’t have to count calories, weigh your foods, or struggle finding something delicious to eat either. Everything you need to transition into the vegan diet and to enjoy the entire process comes with this program, and the health and weight loss benefits follow.

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook Review

What is The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook?

Everyone from celebrities to athletes to average Joe’s are switching to a plant-based diet for the exponential health, weight loss and performance benefits that come with it. Studies show that eating a plant-based is proven to help with weight loss weight, cardiovascular health, energy levels, muscle growth, digestion, inflammation, physical appearance and more. It is quickly becoming the best way to eat. But changing to a new diet is rarely easy due to all of the prep and planning needed. This program makes it easy by doing all of that for you before you even get started.

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook is an online program that is much more than a vegan cookbook. It is a comprehensive system that provides you with everything you need to learn, follow, and enjoy a plant-based diet. The program consists of four guides which include over 100 delicious vegan recipes for every meal, meal plans, a 30-day quick start guide, helpful tips, an abundance of valuable information, pre-made grocery shopping lists and more. I will dive into the details of all of this in just a moment but for now, here’s a look at the guides:

  1. Recipe Cookbook
  2. 30 Day Jumpstart Guide
  3. Green Smoothie Lifestyle Guide
  4. Grocery Shopping Lists

As you can see, you receive much more than a diet plan. You get a comprehensive system for transforming your life into one that comes with incredible health and weight loss benefits. This includes fat loss, increased energy, longer lifespan, fuller muscles, improved skin, better digestion, reduced inflammation and that’s just to name a few.

Now, the entire program is digital as well. This means you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can get started right away. You don’t have to wait or pay for shipping and can download the guides right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This allows for quick and convenient access to everything whenever and wherever you go, whether it’s on vacation, to the grocery store or to the kitchen to start some cooking.

But can a plant-based diet taste good? Well, you can give The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook a try risk free for two-months as the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Chances are, you’ll only need to skim through the program or take a couple of bites to see just how delicious vegan recipes are and how great they make you look and feel.

Who Created The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook?

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook was created by Brian Wendel, in part with Brian was once a proud carnivore with no intentions of going vegan. This changed after attending a nutrition conference and learning about the incredible health, fitness and weight loss benefits that come with eating a plant-based diet. Today, he is highly sought after for his easy method for transitioning into the vegan diet.

What You’ll Learn in The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook is a comprehensive program that is much more than just a vegan cookbook. It is your ultimate guide to going vegan and to enjoying every last bit. It comes with an abundance of valuable information and resources to ensure an easy transition. This includes over 100 delicious vegan recipes that can easily be made without any fancy equipment or ingredients, meal plans, lifestyle tips, transitioning advice, list of benefits, lists of common mistakes to avoid making, a smoothie guide, and so much more. It’s delicious and it’s easy. The program even comes with a 30-Day Quick Start Guide so you can quickly dive in and form new, healthy habits that allow you to thrive moving forward.

To give you an idea of the type of deliciousness and benefits you can expect from the program, here’s a look inside:

The Main Cookbook

  1. About the Author
  2. Making the Switch to a Plant-Based Diet
    1. Don’t Expert Perfection
  3. Health Benefits of Eliminating Animal Products From Your Diet
    1. Increased Weight Loss
    2. Increased Energy Levels
    3. Live Longer
    4. Fuller, Harder Muscles
    5. Improved Skin
    6. Reduce Inflammation
    7. Better Digestion
  4. Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats
  5. Sample Meals
    1. Peanut Butter Banana Quinoa Bowl
    2. Blueberry Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins
    3. Potato Salad
    4. Black Bean and Corn Salad
    5. Roasted Chickpea Wrap
    6. Veggie and Hummus Sandwich
    7. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
    8. Burrito Bowl
    9. Protein Bars
    10. Smoothies
    11. Shakes

30-Day Jumpstart Guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Daily Meal Plans

Green Smoothie Guide

  1. Why Greens?
  2. Benefits of Green Smoothies
  3. What are the Best Greens You Should Use
    1. Other Beneficial Greens You Might Want to Look At
    2. Are Some Greens Better Than Others?
  4. What Are Smoothies and How Do You Make One
  5. Are Smoothies Safe? What are Common Mistakes to Avoid?
    1. Not Rotating Greens
    2. Not Checking for Allergies
    3. Focusing on Fruits Instead of Veggies
    4. Not Keeping Things Natural
    5. Not Using a Good Blender
    6. Not Using Proper Recipes
  6. Healthy and Yummy Smoothie Recipes
    1. Orange Spinach Surprise
    2. Green Avocado Smoothie
    3. Green Detox Smoothie
    4. And more
  7. Making Smoothies a Part of Your Life

+ Grocery Shopping Lists and a free 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan.

Our Verdict

The Plant-Based Diet Cookbook is your complete guide for transitioning into a vegan diet for weight loss and optimal health. All of the hard work has been done for you, saving you an abundance of time and effort, so you can fully invest in the delicious information, recipes, meal plans, tips, and grocery shopping lists are ready for you so you can dive right into receiving the benefits of going vegan. It even comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which allows you to try the program out risk-free for two months. How’s that for a confidence boost? So, take a bite. You’ll be surprised at how delicious vegan is and how great it makes you look and feel.


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