The Blood Pressure Program Review: What’s the Solution About? Does it Work?

The Blood Pressure Program is an all-natural approach to naturally lower and stabilizing blood pressure below 120/80 using simple activities that address the link between stress and hypertension. Research has confirmed that a key factor in high blood pressure is stress.

The Blood Pressure Program leverages this clinical evidence and provides you with an easy, follow-along program addresses your stress levels and ultimately, improves your blood pressure levels. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete each day and consists of soothing, relaxation techniques and mind-body activities that feel just as good as your new blood pressure. So, if you’re ready to get to the bottom of your high blood pressure, it’s time to take a look at the main driving factor: stress.

The Blood Pressure Program Review

What is The Blood Pressure Program?

The risks associated with high blood pressure are not to be underestimated but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on prescription medications either. With stress being a major underlying cause of high blood pressure levels, you can see a drastic improvement simply by focusing on lowering your stress levels.

The Blood Pressure Program is a user-friendly online guide that shows you how to naturally reduce and maintain a healthy blood pressure level below 120/80. The approach focuses on tackling one of the main contributors to high blood pressure: stress. But it doesn’t just focus on the mental stress that you think about when you hear the word. Instead, The Blood Pressure Program aims to heal and reduce all types of stress, including physical, emotional, mental and neural.

Within the guide, you’re provided with a vast array of stress-busting activities that target everything from your neurons to your emotions. These techniques use what-is-called a ‘focused break’ to normalize your system and blood pressure by inducing relaxation and balancing your mind and body connection. These simple activities not only address the stress you’re experiencing and holding onto but also, provide you with valuable skills so you can better manage stress in the future. This allows you to maintain your new healthy blood pressure long term.

All of the activities in The Blood Pressure Program are incredibly easy to do. They require no special equipment and only take 9 to 15 minutes to complete each day. This makes the program suitable for all, regardless of age or physical condition. There are also three different plans to choose from to suit your preferences, all of which come with clear instructions to guide you from start to finish.

And since high blood pressure isn’t something you want to sit on, you’ll be happy to know that The Blood Pressure Program comes with immediate access so you get started right away. Just download it onto the tech device of your choice and you have unlimited access to it anytime, anywhere. You can also get it delivered on CD for a small extra charge.

Not sure the natural approach can be as effective as you need it to be? In addition to being backed by numerous studies, The Blood Pressure Program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can check it out entirely risk and stress-free– because that’s the goal!

Who Created The Program?

Christian Goodman is a renowned natural health expert who created The Blood Pressure Program. Christian is also the CEO of Blue Heron Health News, a websitr for learning natural remedies for various health issues. His expertise has allowed him to create many successful health programs like The Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Program and The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

What You’ll Learn in The Program

The Blood Pressure Program is an online method offering exercises and relaxation strategies to ease internal pressures to effectively lower blood pressure to 120/80 naturally. It’s a one-stop guide, complete with all of the essential information and steps needed to address the root cause of high blood pressure: stress.

The program includes three follow-along regimens to choose from, each targeting neural, physical, emotional, and mental stress. These healing plans come with clear instructions for using the soothing relaxation techniques and mind-body activities, which only take 9 to 15 minutes to execute. These plans also include variations of the activities for anyone dealing with mobility challenges.

Let’s take a look at the contents that make up this program:

  • The Program Works Quickly
  • How to Work the Program

The program begins with two chapters that provide you with all of the essentials for a quick start toward better health and reduced health risks. These chapters offer great knowledge about the program’s method, how to personalize it, and the benefits you can expect. You also get a look at the three exercise plans:

  • Plan 1: Perform all three exercises daily.
  • Plan 2: Do one exercise daily, rotating the others on alternate days.
  • Plan 3: Alternate between exercises, doing one every other day.
  • Exercise 1 – Focused Walking
    • Synchronizes your mind and body into a relaxed, happy state through walking
  • Exercise 2 – Emotional Release
    • Releases emotions you have stored in your body to release all tension stored in the body
  • Exercise 3 – Relaxing
    • Connects your mind and body to induce relaxation for stress relief

The next portion of the guide covers the exercises. The first is a unique walking exercise designed to align your mind and body, promoting relaxation and happiness as you move. If walking isn’t ideal for you, there are alternatives provided. The second exercise focuses on releasing pent-up emotions, alleviating physical, emotional, and mental tension, which in turn helps lower blood pressure. The final exercise incorporates classic relaxation techniques for enhanced stress relief. These should be done before bedtime, as they quiet both mind and body to promote better sleep.

You also receive some extra tips to maximize the benefits.

Our Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Offers a straightforward method to managing blood pressure.
  • 100% natural approach.
  • Simple to use, making it suitable for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical abilities.
  • The program requires only a minimum of 9 minutes a day.
  • It targets the root cause of high blood pressure for long-lasting health benefits.
  • Teaches you management techniques that also serve as preventative measures.
  • Includes gentle exercises designed to lower mental, emotional, neural and physical pressure and enhance relaxation.
  • Suitable for managing or preventing hypertension.
  • Comes with clear descriptions, step-by-step instructions and photos that guide you along the way.
  • Designed for a quick start, allowing you to begin your journey to better health straight away.
  • The program can be downloaded onto any device for convenient use anytime, anywhere.
  • There’s also an option to receive the content on CD in audio format.
  • No special equipment is needed.
  • It’s perfectly designed for use in the comfort of your home.
  • Supported with a 60-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial period.

Disadvantages of the Program

The Blood Pressure Program is digital, offering immediate access and easy download to your devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.  There is no physical hardcopy that automatically gets shipped to you. However, you can simply print the downloadable guide or upgrade to a CD in audio format for a small fee if you prefer a physical keepsake.


The Blood Pressure Program offers a straightforward approach to naturally maintain blood pressure under 120/80 with easy, soothing exercises. It focuses on alleviating all forms of stress, including physical, mental and emotional, to tackle the root cause of high blood pressure. This offers a natural and long lasting solution to hypertension. Everything can be done right at home, with no additional equipment needed, and only 9 minutes a day. It also comes with variations to ensure that everyone can benefit from the program, no matter their age, mobility or physical limitations. Plus, you can try it out with the 60-day money-back guarantee to see what it’s all about, completely risk-free.

Download The Blood Pressure Program PDF


Can I get a paperback sent to me?

The program is entirely digital, so you won’t receive a physical book. But if you prefer something tangible, you’re free to print the PDF guide at home or your local print shop to create your own paperback version. Otherwise, the guide gets downloaded directly to your devices for access whenever you need it—no heavy book to lug around. Although, you can opt to receive a CD.

Is the approach and method safe?

The program is completely natural and designed to ease tension in the body, mind, and emotions – a benefit everyone can use. It includes very gentle exercises like leisurely walks, meditation, and various relaxation methods. However, if you have any health concerns or conditions, you may want to consult with your doctor before starting.

Can the program be used by all ages, especially those over 55?

Yes. The program is designed to be gentle. It’s also designed for those struggling with hypertension, which typically affects those who are older. As such, it’s been made to be accessible and easy for anyone to follow, no matter their age, flexibility, mobility, or fitness level.

Should the program be used with medication?

This program is all about gentle exercises aimed at easing physical, emotional, and mental stress, so it shouldn’t interfere with your blood pressure medication. It also doesn’t involve any dietary changes, supplements, or detox regimens.

Has the author created any other programs?

Yes. The author is also the natural health expert behind The Vertigo and Dizziness Program, The TMJ Solution, The Brain Booster, The Erectile Mastery Program, and The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program.

Is there customer service available if I have questions?

Yes. The author can be reached via the official website, and they’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the program.


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