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Dementia Care Matters will be launching a new membership scheme in 2017

THE NEXT STAGE OF Dementia Care Matters - save the date!!

Wednesday 13 September : Birmingham

Dementia Care Matters will be launching an exciting new initiative - details will follow in the next few weeks

 Looking forward to seeing you there ! David  

16 years ago I arrived home from working in the NHS knowing that dementia care could be so different. Setting up Dementia Care Matters on my own, sat at my kitchen table, felt a lonely experience. Meeting Anne Fretwell at Merevale House became my inspiration to move into this home to promote and evidence how a dementia care home could centre on Feelings Matter Most. Over the years I have met a large community of colleagues and friends who believed in Dementia Care Matters messages. I believe people are hungry to change dementia care and know it can be fixed.

I now feel the time is right for us to come together to create a movement of people committed to improving peoples quality of life. We hope the benefits of offering membership of Dementia Care Matters will be to create a louder voice within the UK on what really matters. Membership will also mean for the first time people can access Dementia Care Matter's large directory of resources.  I hope to be able to welcome you as a member of a growing community of  people committed to promoting that Feelings Matters Most.        

Dr David Sheard