Understanding Spiriva: Its benefits and what it is

Spiriva, a long-acting antibronchodilator that acts in the same way as a bronchodilator (long-acting), is used to prevent coughing due to chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD). Doctors prescribe Spiriva to improve the airflow within the lungs. Spiriva relaxes your airways and allows more oxygen to the lungs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Spiriva for treating COPD and asthma. Spiriva's active ingredient, Tiotropium Bromide, blocks the release of chemicals that could cause inflammation and airway spasms. The airways are able to stay open longer, which improves breathing.

Numerous news stories have reported on the beneficial effects of Spiriva for those with COPD or asthma. Numerous studies show that Spiriva has been shown to reduce COPD symptoms, such as wheezing and breathlessness. Spiriva can reduce exacerbations, or severe flare-ups that patients suffering from COPD experience.

Spiriva's Purported Benefits

Spiriva has been shown to be effective in treating COPD and asthma. Spiriva can reduce flare-ups, and increase quality of life in people with COPD or asthma. Exacerbations can also be reduced by using Spiriva, according to studies .

Spiriva may also reduce the use of rescue medication, like short-acting, Bronchodilators. Spiriva can reduce asthma and COPD treatment costs. Spiriva can also reduce the risk of death for people with COPD.

Spiriva has many key advantages:

Spiriva: Experts' and Professionals' Opinions

Spiriva has been praised by experts as an effective and safe treatment for COPD. John E. Connors, Jr., a pulmonologist from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, said that Spiriva was one of the most effective treatments for COPD. The effectiveness of the treatment has been shown to reduce symptoms, exacerbations and hospitalizations. It has also been shown to lower the mortality rate for COPD patients.

According to Dr. Richard L. ZuWallack M.D. who is the Director of Yale School of Medicine Pulmonary disease Program, "Spiriva may be an essential part of a complete treatment plan for COPD or asthma." These conditions can be helped by it.

Spiriva: How do I get started?

Only take Spiriva as directed by your doctor. Two inhalations daily are recommended. Follow your doctor's directions regarding dosage and use. To prevent the possibility of thrush (a fungal infection that can affect your throat and mouth), it is essential to wash your mouth with water after using Spiriva.

Spiriva can be purchased by prescription. It is also available in powdered or inhalation capsules. These capsules can be used without a special device and are very easy to swallow. You will need a separate inhaler device to use the powder. Spiriva can be prescribed by your pharmacist or doctor.

Spiriva can also be purchased over-the counter in certain countries. It is important to remember that Spiriva over-the-counter is not FDA approved and not recommended for US use.

Do you need to be aware of any side-effects?

Spiriva can be tolerated well, but there may be side effects. Dry mouth, dry throat, dizziness, nausea and headaches are some of the possible side-effects. Rarely, you may experience more severe side effects such as difficulty breathing and chest pain. You should contact your doctor immediately if you have any side effects.

Spiriva should not be taken by people who have certain conditions, such as high blood pressure or glaucoma. Spiriva should not be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Spiriva can be used as a safe, effective and painless treatment for COPD or asthma. Spiriva can reduce the symptoms and increase quality of life in people with COPD or asthma. There are potential side effects and drawbacks but they are usually mild and easily managed by proper monitoring.


Spiriva, a long-acting antibronchodilator, is used for treating COPD and asthma. Spiriva has been shown to reduce symptoms and exacerbations as well as hospitalizations. It can also reduce the use of rescue medication and lead to a lower mortality rate for COPD patients. Spiriva can be used safely and effectively for people with COPD or asthma.