Darunavir: What's it good for?

Prezista is the brand name for Darunavir. It's a drug used to treat HIV-1. This drug belongs to the protease inhibitors class. It works by stopping HIV-1 from replicating its enzyme protease. It stops the virus multiplying and allows the immune system to combat the infection. As part of an HIV treatment, Darunavir can be combined with antiretroviral medications.

Darunavir's Uses

Darunavir is effective at treating HIV-1 infections in adults as well as children 12 and older. People who are resistant to antiretroviral medications should be advised to try it. It can also help reduce HIV transmission risk when used in combination therapies, according to studies . The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Darunavir for treatment of HIV-1 infection when used in conjunction with other antiretroviral drugs. The FDA approved Darunavir for prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child.

Darunavir's Purported Benefits

Darunavir is highly effective at treating HIV-1 infections and decreasing the levels of virus within the body. It can be taken in combination with other therapies to reduce HIV-1 infection by as much as 99% . It is generally well tolerated and has few side effects. Darunavir is effective at reducing HIV transmission when used as part of combination therapies. The World Health Organization (WHO), in a study , found that Darunavir combined with antiretrovirals decreased the HIV transmission risk by over 90% .

Darunavir Side Effects

Darunavir can be tolerated well. However, side effects may occur such as nausea and vomiting. Most side effects will resolve themselves without medical intervention. Rarely, though, severe side effects such as liver toxicities and allergic reactions can occur. These side effects should be closely monitored by those taking Darunavir.

Darunavir Expert and Professional Opinions

Healthcare professionals and experts agree that Darunavir can be an effective, safe and reliable treatment for HIV-1 patients. According to Dr. Blake Smith of the University of California San Francisco infectious disease clinic, Darunavir is an effective HIV-1 treatment. There have been very few side effects and it has generally been well tolerated. It is part of the combination treatment for HIV-1 that I recommend to patients.

Darunavir: How do you get started?

It is important that you consult your healthcare provider before starting Darunavir. Darunavir should be taken at 800 mg twice daily with meals. You can buy it online or in tablets.


Darunavir, a drug used to treat HIV-1 infection is concluded. This medication belongs to the protease inhibitors class and can be used together with antiretroviral drugs as part of an HIV treatment plan. It has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of HIV-1 infections and to reduce HIV transmission. There have been very few side effects and it is well tolerated. Darunavir has been endorsed by healthcare professionals as a safe and effective treatment for HIV-1 patients. It is crucial to seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional before you begin Darunavir treatment. .