Claritin: A Review of Allergy Medicines

Claritin, an antihistamine medication, is used to relieve symptoms such as itchy skin and eyes, sneezing and runny nose. Claritin is also available over-the-counter and in prescription. Because Claritin has a non-drowsy formulation and long-lasting effects, it is popular among seasonal allergy sufferers.

Claritin: What does it do?

Claritin, an antihistamine medication works by blocking histamine. This chemical is released when there's an allergic reaction. You can purchase it in OTC or prescription form. OTC forms are available in tablets, syrups, chewable tablets and dissolving tablets. Extended-release and solution versions of the prescription medication are also available. Claritin can be taken safely and is well-tolerated with very few side effects.

Claritin: What have others said about it?

Many news media outlets have praised Claritin. According to a New York Times article, Claritin is one of the most commonly prescribed allergy medications in America. A Antihistamines -and-bd.html"> survey by American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology revealed that Claritin was used in 54% of respondents. Claritin's effectiveness in relieving allergies has been praised by many social media users.

Claritin's Purported Benefits

Claritin is effective for treating many allergy symptoms. Itching and sneezing can be reduced by Claritin, according to studies . It may also reduce asthma severity. Claritin, which is a non-drowsy medicine, won't cause you to feel tired or slow down your reaction time.

Claritin Expert Opinions

Claritin, according to experts, is an effective treatment for people suffering from allergy. The drug's fast acting and lasting effects have been praised by medical professionals. They also praise the drug's non-drowsy formulation, which allows for people who must remain awake throughout the day. Experts have also noted that Claritin has a lower risk of causing dizziness or sedation than antihistamines.

Claritin: How to Get Started

Claritin can be purchased in OTC and prescription forms. Your doctor will recommend the right dosage for you if you take the prescription version. The recommended daily dosage for OTC forms is 1 tablet of 10mg. Online retailers and pharmacies carry Claritin.

Do you need to be aware of any side-effects?

Claritin can be tolerated well and is safe. However, you should take into account possible side effects. They include dry mouth and headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and sleepiness. Claritin may also cause dizziness or drowsiness in some individuals. If you have any side effects, it is important that you consult your doctor.


Claritin, an antihistamine medication, is effective in treating allergies such as itchy eyes and runny nose. Claritin is both available as an OTC and prescription medication. It's generally well-tolerated and safe. Many social media users and news organizations have praised Claritin for its quick-acting, long-lasting results. Medical professionals also appreciate Claritin's non-drowsy formulation, which is a benefit for people who must remain awake during the day. Claritin can be tolerated well and is safe. However, you should know about possible side effects. These side effects can be serious so it's important that you speak with your doctor immediately..