Explore Dementia Care Matters approach to dementia care in this innovative series of books.

“Being: an approach to life and dementia.”  

‘This book will positively challenge your own care skills – and positively challenge your own life skills too! Get it, read it, use!                   Jim Marr, Director of Care and Quality, Barchester Healthcare 

BEING person centred involves helping staff to shift their focus from only “doing” tasks to being able to reach people on the inside.

Being takes a fresh look at what it really means to be person centred. The book introduces the idea that feelings matter most in dementia care and demonstrates how this approach can be applied to our personal lives, work lives and within the culture of organisations.

This book is divided into five sections relevant to everyone, people with a dementia, families and friends, managers and staff. The book presents 50 messages set opposite 50 full colour photographs that encourage the reader to explore the book’s themes on a personal level.

The DVD ‘Feelings in dementia care matter’ supports this book. see DVDs

Author: David M Sheard 
Published: first in the Feelings Matter Most series 2007 by Alzheimers Society
144-page hardback 248mm square

Price: £20.00 plus £5.00 postage 



“Enabling: quality of life an evaluation approach.” 

This book is the way forward for people who really want to make a difference in the care they provide for people living with a dementia. They must face the fact that they will need to re-evaluate in order to achieve their goals.’                                                                         Helen Charman, General Manager, St Thomas Care Home 

 ENABLING quality of life starts with really seeing, hearing and feeling the minute by minute experiences of people and being determined to improve the moment.

Enabling challenges traditional methods of delivering dementia care by introducing an enabling approach that places an emphasis on empowerment, rights and on the lived experience of people with a dementia.

Enabling encourages care homes to examine their residents’ lived experiences using an observational evaluation approach. It provides a clear model demonstrating the spectrum of care an enables staff teams to remove care that is negative and controlling and replace it with a service that enables people to live a life with meaning.

The DVD ‘Experiencing the truth in dementia care’ supports this book.    see DVDs 

Author: David M Sheard 
Published: second in the Feelings Matter Most series 2008 by Alzheimers Society
Format: 107 page paperback square – A4

Price: £20.00 plus £5.00 postage


"Inspiring: leadership matters in dementia care"

Excellent read and very well done! This book will be beneficial to managers looking to lead an change direction and confirm they are trying to get it right.’    Michael Broughton, Head of Dementia Care, Hallmark Healthcare

INSPIRING leadership in dementia care means shifting people from a detached management style to attached leadership where people led from their hearts and not just by the hand.

Inspiring sets out a compelling vision of dementia care. The book presents ten key messages for existing and aspiring dementia care leaders, followed by ten inspiring beliefs that form the essence of being person centred. The publication provides evidence for this vision with an example of a model service and summarises two interviews with leaders with valuable lessons to share. It ends with a 50 point Action Checklist for services to appraise themselves and to develop their action planning in future.

The DVDs ‘Establishing foundations in dementia care’ and  ‘Leading with heart in dementia care’ support this book. see DVDs

Author: David M Sheard 
Published: third in the Feelings Matter Most series 2008 by Alzheimers Society
Format: 144 page paperback square

Price: £20.00 plus £5.00 postage



“Nurturing: emotions at work in staff.”

‘This book recognises the expression of an emotions by carers in the workplace. By highlighting that staff as well as residents have emotions and feelings , real impact can be made on a truly person centred approach.’                                                                                      Val Ellis, Dementia Nurse, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

NURTURING staff’s emotions in dementia care and supporting their emotional labour and team relationships is the key to solving the riddle of why being person centered as a service is so difficult at times to achieve. Contains effective tools to evaluate your care service culture.

This book promotes the need to hear the voices of people working in dementia care. Nurturing encourages organisations to be genuinely interested in person centred care and the effective recruitment, appraisal, support and retention of staff. The impact of emotional labour in dementia care and the ways in which staff manage their feelings must then receive more priority.

Nurturing looks at the findings of a UK survey of staff work in dementia care and their responses to naming emotions at work.

The book promotes David Sheard’s new concept of attached professionalism and identifies how care organisations can develop and nuture an Emotions at Work framework alongside support strategies.

The DVD ‘Establishing foundations in dementia care’ supports this book. see DVDs

Author: David M Sheard 
Published: fourth in the Feelings Matter Most series 2009 by Alzheimers Society
Format: 200 page paperback square

Price: £20.00 plus £5.00 postage




“Growing: training that works in dementia care.” 

‘Applying the methods described and using the tools provided in this book are tasks that simply cannot be ignored’                                 Gloria Haynes, Operations Manager and Lead for Dementia Care Development, Fremantle Trust

GROWING training that works requires a shift from tick-box awareness level training to growing real learning and reflection – turning skills into action through coaching and service development.

Growing looks at the need in dementia care training for careful preparation of the groundwork. This book urges dementia care trainers to develop a vision of being more effective and highlights the need to grow training from simple awareness raising to really developing evidence based learning.

It sets clear guidelines for organisations to develop a person centred learning and development training strategy. Part of this strategy is the introduction of a new ten point workshop programme called Being a Star™, designed for delivery by accomplished trainers in the dementia care environment.

The DVDs MATTERING in a dementia care home® parts one and two provide a comprehensive training programme for full staff teams. see DVDs

Author: David M Sheard 
Published: fifth in the Feelings Matter Most series 2008 by Alzheimers Society
Format: 168 page paperback square

Price: £20.00 plus £5.00 postage



Achieving real outcomes in dementia care homes

The ‘Achieving’ publication forms the basis of our new Memory Lane Guide for all our communities within Barchester Healthcare and we hope offers you and your organisation clarity on what it really takes to ‘get it’ in dementia care                                                              Sheena Wyllie, Director of Dementia Care, Barchester Healthcare

Our definitive step by step guide to person centred and relationship focused dementia care. Benefit from 20 years of experience in making the daily lived experience of people living with dementia as positive as it can be. This publication provides step by step guidance on adopting core beliefs and outcomes that will make a real difference to your dementia care setting.

This essential “How to” guide provides a joined up approach to achieving a person centred and relationship focused care home.

Care homes following this approach report benefits that include:

  • Increased well-being of people with dementia
  • Evidence of quality of life outcomes for regulators
  • Reduced staff turnover, sickness & absenteeism
  • Decreased falls & safeguarding alerts
  • Achieving peoples’ weight gain
  • Business advantage through enhanced reputation

Format: 224 paperback – A4

The Feelings Matter Most series of DVDs can be used to support a full team understanding and approach to implement the model of care outlined in this guide. see DVDs

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Author: David M Sheard 
Published: sixth in the Feelings Matter Most series 2011 by Dementia Care Matters
Format: 224 paperback – A4

Price: £60.00 plus £5.00 postage

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Explore Dementia Care Matters approach to dementia care with the books in the innovative “Feelings Matter Most” series.

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This range of publications offers specific, practical advice on how to achieve change in dementia care that can be seen, heard and felt.

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