Text Chemistry Review

Text Chemistry is every woman’s ultimate guide for taking control of their love life by learning how to create undeniable chemistry with any man through text messages. A couple of years ago, this might have sounded crazy but today, text messages are the number one form of communication. People aren’t calling one another anymore, especially before even meeting or after only a few dates, and people aren’t meeting organically in public. Instead, they’re meeting people online through text messaging platforms and continuing the conversation offline via text messaging. In other words, you have to know how to text today and yes, there is an art to it especially when it comes to dating. With Text Chemistry, you learn powerful techniques, tips, secrets, and strategies you can implement to get a man’s attention and to keep their attention. It is your ultimate guide to getting the guy and the relationship you want by learning the types of things to say, emojis to send, text messages lengths to avoid and more. It is all about learning the best approach to show off the best side of you to potential beaus. You don’t have to change who you are, what you look like or what you want from a relationship either. You stay true to yourself with this program and learn how to use that to get what you want.

Text Chemistry Review

What is Text Chemistry?

There was once a time where people would count the number of times the phone would ring before picking up the phone when a guy called. This was a technique used to create anticipation while also showing the man that you weren’t sitting around waiting for their phone call. It was a powerful technique that worked almost every time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply today because people rarely call one another. Not only that but people chat before ever meeting so you have to learn how to build that anticipation and excitement through texting.

Text Chemistry is your online guide for learning how to do just that. It is every woman’s secret weapon for learning how to communicate in a way that makes a man yearn for more of your attention.

But it isn’t just a how-to guide on dating in this digital age. With this program, you learn what to do and what not to do. This is key because you can have all the most effective dating techniques in the world but if you’re using them while also sending text messages that repel men, your search for love is certain to plateau. So, Text Chemistry doesn’t only teach you powerful techniques that allow you to build that anticipation but it also teaches you the types of text messages to send, to avoid sending, lengths to stick with, emojis to send, emojis you don’t want to send and much more. It covers every concern, question, or curiosity you have about finding the relationship and love you want and deserve, starting with text messages.

It’s a comprehensive guide that comes with:

  1. Main Manual
  2. 13 Videos

In addition to this, you also receive some free bonuses, such as:

  1. Free Bonus: The Phone Game
  2. Free Bonus: Why Men Leave
  3. Free Bonus: Tinder Success Secrets
  4. Free Bonus: Confessions of a Player

You receive immediate access to all of this as soon as you purchase and can sign in and access the program online or download it right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This ensures you have the powerful techniques with you wherever you go, which is particularly beneficial since you never know when that next text message will come through. Not only that but it ensures your secret weapon remains a secret. You don’t have to worry about someone coming over and finding the program as it’s all online and/or stored on your personal devices.

The system is so powerful and effective that the results are even guaranteed with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to put these texting techniques into action. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Who Created Text Chemistry?

Expert dating and relationship coach, Amy North, is the author of Text Chemistry. She is highly sought after for her incredible techniques, which has led her to becoming a best-selling author. To date, Amy has helped over 100,000 women from all over the world take control of their love life to get the man and relationship they deserve.

What You’ll Learn in Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry is a comprehensive program designed exclusively for women who are ready to have the upper hand when it comes to finding love. It’s an online system that covers every question, concern, dilemma and situation women run into when dating in this digital age and then it provides you with effective solutions, techniques, secrets, tips, and tricks to navigate through them. All of the information is separated into different modules for easy reading and they come complete with instructions, text message lists, examples of emojis to send and not to send, and much more. It also covers the not-so-fun side of dating, such as being ghosted and delayed texts, being left on a read receipt, not receiving a reply, drunk texts, unsolicited photos and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at just how valuable this program is:

  1. Introduction
    1. How Texting Has Changed the Way We Date
    2. Women’s Texts vs. Men’s Texts
    3. Contrasting Communication
  1. Part 1: The Rules for Texting
    1. Texting Mistakes
    2. Essays and Over-Texting
    3. Passive-Aggressive and Angry Texts
    4. Predictable and Boring Texting
    5. Ambiguous or Confusing Texts
    6. Jealous and Inappropriate Texts
  1. The Perfect Text Recipes: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
    1. R – Review and Revise
    2. U – Use Visual Language
    3. L – Leave Him Wanting More
    4. E – Excite Him
    5. S – Stay Position
  1. How Long Should You Wait Before Texting Him
    1. Sending the Initial Text
    2. When He Texts You First
  1. Emojis: Yay or Nay?
    1. Use Emojis Sparingly
    2. Keep Your Emojis Close
    3. Choose your Emojis Carefully
  1. Part 2: What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over
  2. The Early Days: “Ready for Takeoff” Texts
    1. Fueling His Engine Texts
    2. Preparing for Blastoff Texts
    3. Comical Texts
    4. Crystal Ball Texts
    5. Satellite Texts
    6. Stir the Pot Texts
  1. The Dating Days: Shooting for the Stars Text
    1. Game On Texts
    2. Supernova Texts
    3. Shining Star Texts
    4. Tantalizing Texts
    5. Constellation Texts
    6. Mercy Texts
  1. The Long Run: Keeping the Chemistry Ablaze Texts
    1. Flight Texts
    2. Radical Recognition Texts
    3. E-Glow Texts
    4. Big Bang Texts
    5. Seduction Texts
    6. Across the Universe Texts
  1. Part 3: What to Text Him When….
    1. When you Want to Invite Him out Without Sounding Clingy
    2. When He Cancels Plans on You
    3. When You Have to Cancel on Him
    4. When He Gives You Nothing to Work With
    5. When You Want Him to Initiate Texting
    6. When He Asks Inappropriate Questions or for Nude Photos
    7. If He Sends You Unsolicited Nude Photos
    8. When He Seems Interested in Another Woman
    9. When You Feel Like You’re Being Friend-Zoned
    10. When He Takes a While to Respond
    11. When He Ghosts You
    12. When You See He’s Typing but It Suddenly Stops
    13. When You Want to Flirt in Text
    14. When You Think He’s Upset with You
    15. When You Think He’s Misinterpreting Your Texts
    16. When He’s Had a Rough Day
    17. When You Want Him to Comfort You
    18. When HE Sends You Drunk Texts

Our Verdict

Text Chemistry is an online program that teaches you simple yet effective techniques that create anticipation and excitement in men. It’s easy and doesn’t require you to change who you are or what you want, as the program works with you. And you even get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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