My Cellulite Solution Review

My Cellulite Solution is every woman’s guide to finally getting rid of cellulite by tackling it at the root source using a series of movements that repair and strengthen the muscle fibers. Cellulite affects approximately 90% of women, according to The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, and although it’s a harmless condition, it leaves many women struggling with self-esteem and confidence. Thanks to society, we have been tricked into thinking that we need to have smooth skin to be beautiful and in order to do that, we need to buy whatever fancy cream or expensive lotion just came out on the market. However, these creams never work for long and they certainly don’t provide long-term results because they only reach the surface of your skin. In order to eliminate cellulite permanently, you have to use a regime that gets deep into the muscle tissue fibers and that’s precisely what My Cellulite Solution teaches you how to do. It’s a 100% natural and safe program that uses movement to diminish cellulite at its root to leave you with smoother, sexier legs, thighs and buttocks in as little as 7 to 9 days.

My Cellulite Solution Review

What is My Cellulite Solution?

Cellulite may be harmless to your physical health but every woman can relate to the emotional turmoil that comes with looking in the mirror when you have “lumpy skin”. It affects almost every single woman, with the butt, thighs and legs being the most common places for cellulite to appear. Unfortunately, many major companies have capitalized on this, producing expensive creams and lotions that claim to erase cellulite. The only problem is that these creams and lotions don’t go past the surface level of your skin, so they only provide temporary results, if any.

My Cellulite Solution is an online, 3-step program that teaches you a series of movements that dive deep into the muscle tissue fibers that are the source of your cellulite. The movements work to repair and strengthen the muscle fibers to eliminate lumpy skin once and for all. This is done in three ways:

  1. 3D Movement Technology
    1. Stimulates all lower body muscles by working the body through different planes of motion
  2. Tempo Training
    1. Targets slow and fast twitch muscle fibers by switching up the tempo of the exercises and routines
  3. Unique Movement Sequencing
    1. Combines specific movements and tempos to maximize cellulite reduction

The regime is 100% safe and natural and doesn’t require you to spend any money on “quick results” that only last for a short period of time. Everything can be done right in the comfort of your own home without any workout equipment or access to a gym, and the movements are broken down in a video series that show you exactly what to do to maximize your results.

However, it’s much more than just a workout program. While the movements are definitely a huge portion of the regime, as they effectively and permanently eliminate cellulite in as little as 7 to 9 days, but it also comes with an abundance of information that teaches you about the different types of cellulite, self-tests to figure out which types you have, a 4-week example calendar to begin tackling your cellulite, dietary and supplement recommendations, tips on recovering post-workout and much more.

You receive immediate access as soon as you purchase as well, meaning you can start regaining your self-esteem and confidence straight away. You don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving on your door step either, as the entire regime is digital. So, you just download it right onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. This gives you freedom to use the program whenever and wherever your life takes you.

And if you’ve tried all of those fancy creams and lotions, you may not be entirely convinced that cellulite can be erased once and for all. So, My Cellulite Solution guarantees results with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you plenty of times to tackle, repair and strengthen the muscle fibers in your buttocks, thighs and legs for sexy, smooth skin.

Who Created My Cellulite Solution?

Renowned fitness guru, Gavin Walsh, is the author of My Cellulite Solution. Gavin is quite prestigious within the industry and has trained with some of the world’s top fitness trainers and weight loss experts. He has also been featured on major platforms, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health, and Cosmopolitan, and is the go-to guy for achieving sexier, smoother skin naturally.

What You’ll Learn in My Cellulite Solution

My Cellulite Solution is every woman’s guide to eliminating cellulite and getting sexy, smooth skin quickly, effectively, naturally and permanently using a series of movements that target, repair and strengthen the muscle fibers at the source of cellulite. The program follows a 3-step, 20-minutes regime that incorporates different tempos and sequences of movements for maximum results. All of the movements come in video demos to ensure you know how to properly perform each to drastically improve the appearance of your legs, buttocks and thighs. The program also comes with videos for exercise modifications and an abundance of valuable information that teaches you how to determine the type of cellulite you have and how to tackle it by making simple adjustments to your diet, sleep habits, lifestyle, etc.

You don’t have to take my word for it either, as the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can try it out risk-free for two months.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Main Manual

  1. Quick Start
    1. “Lumpy Legs”
  2. Your Cellulite Type
    1. Type CG1
    2. Type CG2
    3. Type CG3
    4. Type CG4
    5. Cellulite Type Recommendations
  3. Cellulite Elimination Training
    1. Slow Burn
    2. Velocity
    3. Ascent
    4. Example 4-Week Calendar
  4. Recovery
    1. Eat
    2. Sleep
    3. Walk
    4. Post Workout
  5. Cellulite Elimination Diet
    1. Diet Structure
  6. Human Growth Hormone
    1. Lower Body Fat
    2. Intermittent Fasting
    3. Decrease Your Sugar Intake
    4. Don’t Eat a Lot Before Bedtime
    5. Exercise at a High Intensity
    6. Optimize Your Sleep
  7. Collagen Peptides
  8. Other Supplements
    1. DIM
    2. Omega 3
    3. Probiotics
    4. Protein
    5. BCAA’s
    6. Holy Basil/Ashwagandha
    7. Berberine
    8. Fenugreek

Exercise Library

In the exercise library, you’ll find video tutorials on how to perform each movement properly for maximum results and to avoid risk of injury. The movements range from squat jacks to bridges, frog hops, heel kicks and more, and you only need 20 minutes a day.

You also receive a VIP Discount on Spring of Life Collagen Peptides.

Our Verdict

My Cellulite Solution is an effective and natural program for eliminating cellulite once and for all using a specific series of exercises that tackle cellulite at the root cause. It’s an easy regime that only requires 20-minutes to complete, and you can see sexier, smoother skin in as little as 7 to 9 days. Add on the fact that you have two months to try it with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and you just can’t go wrong. It sure beats paying a fortune for fancy creams that never work.


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