Love Commands Review

Love Commands is a powerful program that teaches women how to use subtle tools that have psychological hidden messages to captivate the attention of any man they want. Yes, seriously. But why do you need a program for that? Well, let’s get serious, ladies; dating is tough. As a strong woman, you likely have no time for the right-swipes and random ghosts. You’d rather be alone than dealing with the B.S. and drama that comes with dating the wrong men. This is quite common, as studies have confirmed that strong women would rather be single than with the wrong person. But what happens when you do want to find the right guy? Well, that’s what this program is all about.

Love Commands, created by Scott Foster, teaches you simple, natural and non-manipulative tools to triggering a man’s desire. You don’t have to memorize or repeat weird one-liners either, nor do you have to change your standards or approach. You just have to implement some simple tools into your daily attitude and you’re golden.

Love Commands Review

What is Love Commands?

Love Commands is a digital program designed exclusively for powerful, strong, independent women who know what they have to bring to the table and what they deserve to be served. It’s an online dating and relationship program that helps women get the man and relationship they want, whoever or whatever it may be, simply by applying effective tools based on The Law of Averages. These laws apply to the sheer number of times techniques have been practiced and applied success. In other word, Love Command teaches you powerful techniques to use and apply consciously into your life to achieve what you want. With these tools, you’re able to send subtle, hidden messages directly to the Insular Cortex of a man’s brain, which is where emotion is created.

Now, I’ll dive into the details in just a moment but first, you’ll be happy to know that you can start learning these tools straight away as you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. In addition to the program, you also get several extras for absolutely free, which are:

  • Free Bonus #1: Hypnotic Obsession Report
  • Free Bonus #2: Sweet Little Whispers
  • Free Bonus #3: Viral Feelings of Love
  • Free Bonus #4: Addictive Seeds of Desire – Make Any Man Naturally Want, Desire and Need to Be with You
  • Free Bonus #5: Curiosity Pricks Report
  • Free Bonus #6: Secret of Emotionally Logical Communication
  • Free Bonus #7: The Power of Suggestive Words
  • Free Bonus #8: Shameless Truth Report
  • Free Bonus #9: Extreme Case Turnaround Report
  • Free Bonus #10: Make Him Do Anything You Command
  • Free Bonus #11: How to Hook a Man for Life

Yes, you read that correctly; all of these 11 bonuses are available to you for absolutely free. You receive immediate access to the program and all of the extras as soon as you purchase as well. So, you can start conquering your love life as early as today. You also don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving on your doorstep either, as everything is digital. This means you can sign in and download the content right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for quick, convenient and private access wherever you are.

Now, if you’ve been on the rollercoaster ride of dating and relationships (haven’t we all?), it can be completely normal to feel like nothing can work for you. So, to give you that extra boost of confidence, this program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This allows you to use the entire program risk-free for two months before deciding if it’s for you.

Who Created the Love Commands Program?

Scott Foster is the author of Love Commands. He is a professional mind control expert, a psychologist and a relationship and dating coach. Scott has over 12 years of experience working in these industries and is highly sought after due to his success record.

What You’ll Learn in Love Commands

Love Commands is a powerful program that gives women the secret tools needed to send psychological hidden messages that force men to experience a specific emotion. You learn the foundation of this approach, including how the male mind and biological makeup comes into play. Then, the program breaks down the most effective tools to use on a daily basis to constantly and continuously attract the type of guy and relationship you want. All of the commands come with simple, step-by-step instructions and a detailed explanation of how it’ll work.

Check it out:

  • Introduction: Not Your Average Introduction
    • Here is your crystal ball to look into the future…
  • Chapter 1: Every Word Carries a Feeling
    • How is love triggered in the male mind? A more interesting insight into Subconscious Commands and Internal Reward Systems
  • Chapter 2: What Every Man Desperately Needs From You
    • Discover the basic components of the male biological makeup. This is what he needs the most but won’t ever openly tell you
  • Chapter 3: “Attraction Fire Cracker” Command
    • Use this on any man on the very fire date and watch how he instantly finds you more attractive, hotter and sexier than any woman he’s ever come across
  • Chapter 4: “Instant Lovebirds” Command
    • Try this command and watch how he suddenly feels that you’re the complete package
  • Chapter 5: “Be My Darling” Command
    • Try this command and watch how every word, every touch, and every glance you throw his way turns into this high that he never wants to come down from
  • Chapter 6: “I Am Your Princess” Command
    • This will make that one special man look at you as the most precious part of his life.
  • Chapter 7: ”I am Your Lady” Command
    • Build addictive Committed Attraction – This intensifies his feelings for you to such a crazy level that he won’t wish to talk to any other woman but you
  • Chapter 8: “Knot of Commitment” Command
    • Try this command on him today and watch how he suddenly finds you as everything he’s ever desired in his ultimate dream wife.
  • Chapter 9: “Shiny Object Syndrome” Command
    • Here is the best approach to capturing a man‘s commitment without cutting his legs off. Discover how to remove the most dangerous thing a man can ever feel around you.
  • Chapter 10: “Desire Reset” Command
    • Use this command on him and watch how he suddenly starts to miss you from his morning meal all the way till dinner.
  • Chapter 11: “Love Me Again” Command Part 1
    • Use this command on him and almost immediately his mind will start to play mental messages
  • Chapter 12: “Love Me Again” Command Part 2
    • The most overlooked steps to getting your ex back. This will make him want to do everything humanly possible to have you back as fast as possible.
  • Chapter 13: “Feeling Enhancer” Command
    • Use this command on him and prepare to be amazed, as he will suddenly find you to be more and more beautiful with every passing moment.
  • Chapter 14: “Candy Love” Command
    • This activates the male hormonal system that makes him find you the most tempting woman to ever exist on the planet; turning you into his special eye candy.
  • Chapter 15: “Queen of Seduction” Command
    • Turn him on in ways he can’t imagine.
  • Chapter 16: “I Am The Master” Command
    • The secrets to training him any way you like, have him do anything you please, and so much more.
  • Chapter 17: “Total Devotion” Command
    • Receive the power to create total devotion and ultimate pleasure.
  • Chapter 18: “Freeze-Defreeze” Command
    • What to do when all else is failing and how to bring difficult or extreme situations back into the pleasure zone.
  • Conclusion: The Power Player Approach

Our Verdict

Love Commands is every woman’s secret weapon to landing the guy and relationship she wants without having to go out of her way. It’s a 100% safe, natural program that teaches you simple tools that send psychological hidden messages to entice a specific emotion in a man. And you even get two months to try it out with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose.


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