Infatuation Scripts Review

Infatuation Scripts is every woman’s guide to learning what to say to get the guy she wants, without having to change who she is, what she wants or what she looks like. Unlike other programs, this one works with you and for you. It doesn’t make you memorize weird scripts or awkward one-liners you would never say otherwise. Instead, it’s all about making simple adjustments to the words you speak to ensure you trigger the three key components of infatuation that make men yearn for a woman’s attention. Infatuation Scripts is your digital dating coach for getting the guy you want, for re-sparking your man’s interest or for getting your ex back.

Infatuation Scripts Review

What is Infatuation Scripts?

Infatuation Scripts has a unique approach to landing the guy you want. It isn’t about changing who you are, what you want, or what you look like. But, it is about change – changing the repeat patterns that are making men reluctant to commit. The program helps women captivate and keep a man’s attention by teaching them how to examine their own actions. See, if you’re continuously having troubles keeping relationships going, it’s important to look at how your actions may be affecting the men you’re interested in. And since you can’t change anyone else but yourself, this is a healthy way to grow to get the guy you want instead of being something you are not.

I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but the program is based on three key ingredients:

  • Ingredient #1: Uncertainty
  • Ingredient #2: Investment
  • Ingredient #3: Curiosity

These “ingredients” systematically tackle the three phases of falling in love – lust, infatuation, and attachment. But don’t be mistaken, you are not reciting scripts or repeating one-liners. With this program, you learn what to ask yourself and reflect on so you can make the necessary adjustments to your approach. It even gives you examples of responses and “scripts” for different scenarios.

And let me say that again, it is about changing your approach and not who you are.

In addition to Infatuation Scripts, you also receive three exclusive bonuses that coincide with your goal of getting any man you want. These bonuses are:

  • Bonus #1: The Commitment Calculator
  • Bonus #2: Make Any Man Yours for Life
  • Bonus #3: Why Men Shut Women Out

You receive immediate access to all of this as soon as you purchase, so you can get started is quickly and easily. You receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can sign into the website to download the eBook and audio files right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This ensures convenient access to the program whenever and wherever you are. There is also a third option for multi-sensory levels, which allows you to follow the program through a video series, which can also be accessed online.

Now, if you aren’t sure you have what it takes to get the guy of your dreams (you do!) or that a program can teach you how to do that, you have nothing to lose as Infatuation Scripts comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to put what you learn into action to see how it works for getting the man you’ve been looking for.

Who Created Infatuation Scripts?

The author is Clayton Max, a relationship coach for men for over 10 years and the “go to guy” for all of his female friends when it comes to their dating and relationship problems for much longer. What he has discovered after years of hearing both sides of the same story, he created this guide to help women learn the easy techniques that can entice any man.

What You’ll Learn in Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts is a simple, yet comprehensive program that teaches women how to turn any man into “the one” simply by changing their approach and ending repeat habits that send men running in the opposite direction. For example, if you have a history of sending blasts of texts after the first date, this is something the program will help you identify and adjust to ensure your approach follows the three ingredients needed for infatuation.

The system is broken down into systematic chapters that make it easy to understand and implement. It has a step-by-step process that includes an abundance of information on how to entice any man you want just by saying the things that trigger his desire for you. Each recommendation has many different examples of scripts you can use depending on what sounds more like you and every section ends with a review that gives you a quick recap of what you’ve learned.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect to learn from the program as a whole, here’s a quick look at some of the things covered in the main manual.

Main Manual

  1. Introduction
    1. The ‘right man’ myth
    2. What is infatuation?
      1. Phase 1: Lust
      2. Phase 2: Infatuation
  • Phase 3: Attachment
  1. Infatuation is binary
  2. Liking vs. Infatuation
  3. What triggers infatuation?
    1. Three ingredients
  4. How to use this program
  5. On game-playing
  1. Ingredient #1: Uncertainty
    1. What is uncertainty?
    2. Why is uncertainty important?
      1. During the early stages of dating
      2. When he’s taking you for granted
  • When you’ve broken up and want him back
  1. When NOT to use uncertainty
    1. Too much certainty, too early
  2. Uncertainty Trigger #1: Independence
    1. What does it mean to be independent?
    2. Independence scripts
  • Independence scripts – after sex
  1. Projection questions
  2. Post-flake scripts
  1. Uncertainty Trigger #2: Qualification
    1. What is qualification
    2. Why is qualification so powerful
  • Before and after sex
  1. The wrong way to qualify him
  2. Technique #1: Screening Questions
  3. Technique #2: Gradual Approval
  • Technique #3: Playful Disqualification
  1. Uncertainty Trigger #3: A Barrier
    1. Desire vs. Need
    2. Indifference vs. Ambivalence
  • What is a barrier
  1. Why are barriers do important
  2. Using barriers
  3. Barrier scripts
  1. Pressure and Uncertainty – Sex vs. Relationships
  2. How to Make a Man Feel Pressured
  3. How to Arouse Uncertainty
  4. Showing vs. Telling
  5. Uncertainty Review
  1. Ingredient #2: Investment
    1. What is investment?
    2. The investment Effect
    3. Absolute vs. Relative investment
    4. How do you get him to invest more
    5. Investment Key #1: Set His Expectations
      1. Expectation scripts
    6. Investment Key #2: Reciprocity
      1. Offer and Ask scripts
      2. Matching
  • Matching Scripts
  1. Investment #3: Shaping
    1. The rewarding mindset
    2. What to reward
  • How to reward
  1. Investment framing
  2. Investment review
  3. Ingredient #3: Curiosity
    1. Why is curiosity important?
    2. The mindset
    3. How to kill his curiosity
    4. Arousing his curiosity
    5. Curiosity Hook #1: Contrasting Qualities
    6. Curiosity Hook #2: Intrigue Loops
      1. Intrigue openers
      2. Cliffhanger scripts
    7. Curiosity Hook #3: Teasers
      1. Playfully elusive scripts
      2. Shift the spotlight scripts
    8. Curiosity Review
  4. Final Words

+ audio files of the entire program and videos to follow along with.

Our Verdict

Infatuation Scripts is a dating and relationship program that makes it easy to readjust your approach and the things you say to men to get the guy you want. Any woman can use the program, whether they’re freshly dating, wanting to revitalize your relationship or get your ex back. And you even get two months to give this approach a try risk-free with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, see how making slight changes to your words can entice the guy you want and keep them interested.


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