7 Days to Drink Less Review

7 Days to Drink Less is an incredibly successful program designed to help people reduce their alcohol consumption without a dreadful process. While there’s no denying that there are many treatments out there for alcohol use, very few of them are enjoyable and often focus on eliminating alcohol altogether. This isn’t the case with 7 Days to Drink Less. Instead, it focuses on alcohol reduction, so you can live a healthier, happier and calmer life where you are in control. It helps you reduce your drinking and develop powerful techniques so you can still enjoy a social night without taking things to the next level. With a 97% success rate and the approval from thousands of doctors, scientists, and health professionals and no need for expensive therapist fees, it’s certainly worth a shot. Pardon the pun.

7 Days to Drink Less Review

What is 7 Days to Drink Less?

Whether you want to slow down your drinking for you or because it’s affecting your physical, mental, emotional, romantic, or financial health, you’ve come to the right place. 7 Days to Drink Less is the world’s first program for reducing alcohol consumption. It’s a comprehensive system that teaches you how to manage your drinking, so you can feel healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is designed to work for anyone no matter how much they used to drink or currently drinking. As long as you have the desire to reduce your drinking, this program teaches you the simple steps to begin controlling your drinking without having to put down the glass and social aspect entirely. It’s 100% safe and natural and focuses on using the mind and powerful neuroplasticity techniques, psychology and hypnosis to break through mental and emotional causes, cravings and habitual drinking. 7 Days to Drink Less is a proven method that has helped men and women for over 22 years. It also has a 97% success rate and is approved by thousands of doctors, scientists and health professionals.

I’ll pour into the details in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at what the program comes with:

  1. The Drink Less Mind Guide
  2. Hypnosis Audio Files
  3. Step-By-Step Talks
  4. Anxiety Reduction Training with Bonus Audio
  5. Drink Less Mind Aftercare Programs

Everything is digital, so you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving in your mailbox. Instead, you just download the content right onto your private tech devices. This allows you to use the program at your leisure and right in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. It also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and has a 97% success rate. So, if you’re serious about improving your life by reducing your drinking, you have nothing to lose by giving this program a try.

Who Created 7 Days to Drink Less?

Georgia Foster, an internationally renowned hypnotherapist, is the author of 7 Days to Drink Less. Georgia has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist and voice dialogue trainer for 25 years, is hailed as an alcohol reduction expert and has been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, Good Housekeeping, and many more.

What You’ll Learn in 7 Days to Drink Less

7 Days to Drink Less is a successful program that has helped thousands of people reduce their drinking simply by using powerful neuroplasticity techniques. It’s exceptionally easy and comes complete with a written guide that breaks down the process and that goes over the different aspects that play into drinking. It discusses your inner dialogue, the emotional side of drinking, the physical health risks, and much more. Once you have gained the knowledge needed to understand the process, you then use the audio files, questionnaires, mind techniques, graphs, and step-by-step instructions provided to start putting everything into effect.

To give you a better idea of how the system works, here’s a more detailed look at what it covers:

  1. Introduction
    1. What’s wrong with drinking too much?
  2. Life Through Rose Coloured Clarets
    1. The After-Hours Office Drink Scene
    2. The Magic Elixir
    3. Stress Equals Alcohol
    4. Life is a Celebration
    5. The Radio Crazy Syndrome
    6. Joe’s Radio Crazy
    7. Self Improvement
    8. Your Positive Radio Station
    9. The Audio Files
    10. Something To Think About
  3. Inner Dialogue
    1. Case Study – Anne
    2. Developing the Healthy Confident Part
    3. Decisions
    4. The Inner Critic
    5. Avoidance of Life
    6. The Inner Critic’s Development
    7. Silent But Violet
    8. The Inner Critic Rules
    9. Alcohol and The Inner Critic
    10. Rating Your Inner Critic
    11. Your Healthy Confident Part That Likes to Deal With Life Sober
    12. Life is Very Rarely Perfect
    13. Something to Think About
  4. The Software of Your Mind
    1. Your Mind Thinks Drinking is Normal
    2. Using Hypnosis in Your Daily Life
    3. The Unconscious Mind
    4. Time
    5. Your Body
    6. Your Memory Bank
    7. Everything is Real
    8. All of our Senses are Positive and Negative
    9. One Trial Learning
    10. The Unconscious Mind and Vulnerability
    11. The Four Different Brain Waves
    12. The Software
    13. Out of Date Information
    14. Updating the Emotional Software
    15. Willpower
    16. Repetition
    17. Drink One Water One – The DOWO Policy
  5. The Emotional Spectrum of Life
    1. The Stress Response
    2. Boredom
    3. Feeling Trapped
    4. Social Anxiety
    5. The Social Animal Within
    6. Blushing
    7. Fear of Not Being Liked
    8. Anger
    9. Angry At Yourself
    10. Depression
    11. Anxiety
    12. Your Mind Chooses Anxiety or Relaxation
    13. Procrastination
    14. The Emotional Drinking Chart
  6. You and Your Liver
    1. Scenarios
    2. Liver Functions
    3. Step One: Water, Water, Everywhere
    4. Step Two: Line Your Stomach with Food
    5. Step Three: Tips for When Out Drinking
    6. Step Four: Improve Your Diet
    7. Step Five: Try Juicing
    8. Step Six: Hangover Tips for the Morning After
    9. Step Seven: Liver Cleanse
    10. Step Eight: Supplements
    11. Recommended Safe Limits of Alcohol
  7. Sex and the Inner Child
    1. What is the Inner Child
    2. Childhood
    3. Becoming More Adult
    4. The Inner Child and Alcohol
    5. The Inner Child Loves Sex
    6. Drink Beautiful Syndrome
    7. Valuing Yourself Sexually While Sober
    8. Alcohol Equals Play
    9. Taking Life Too Seriously
    10. Expressing Tears
    11. Shutting Down The Inner Child
    12. Self Expression
    13. Anger
    14. The Word ‘No’
    15. The Confident Fun Inner Child
    16. Imagination
  8. The Pleaser
    1. What is The Pleaser?
    2. The Pleaser and Fear of Not Being Liked
    3. Pleasers Are Popular People
    4. The Word ‘No’
    5. Pleasers and Money in Abundance
    6. Low Self Esteem
    7. Be Careful of Who Your Real Friends Are
    8. Pleasing Yourself
    9. White Lies
    10. Pleasers’ Own Problems
    11. Mind Reader
    12. Inability to Ask for Help
    13. The Assertive Positive Pleaser
    14. How the Pleaser Can Work With You
    15. You Have a Choice
  9. Your Present and Your Future
    1. Making Positive Changes
    2. Being in the Present
    3. Taking Time Out From Drinking
    4. AFDs In Your Imagination and Reality
    5. Each Day is a Separate Day
    6. Fear of the Future
    7. The Crystal Ball Syndrome
    8. Building a Positive Future
    9. The Mind and Body Connection
    10. Setting Positive Emotional Goals
    11. Self Hypnosis for your Future
  10. Further Reading and Resources

Our Verdict

7 Days to Drink Less is the world’s only program designed to help people reduce their drinking. It has a 97% success rate and makes the process affordable and easy by focusing on the mental and emotional causes, many of which you’ll be surprised to learn you have. You only need 7 days to become calmer, healthier and happier, and you even get two months to try it out.


Download 7 Days to Drink Less PDF

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