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"Dementia Care Matters participation in the BBC series 'Can Gerry Robinson Fix Dementia Care Homes' was a pivotal point in Ireland expressing significant interest in our culture change model. This year Channel 4 in the UK featured our work further in the series "Dementiaville" and we hope to continue to have the opportunity to grow Butterfly Nursing Homes in Ireland" Dr David Sheard

To read Dementia Care Matters published international articles -  click here.

 "My" Butterfly Home 

This is a new self directed DIY version of our Butterfly Nursing Home Model of Care - for further information and to book this please click here.

A Dementia Care Matters led full 1 Year Butterfly Project

A large network of Butterfly Homes exist in the UK and these are now spreading to Canada and Australia. We continue to seek Nursing Homes in Ireland who wish to become a full demonstration dementia care Nursing Home. For more information please click here.

Level 1 Butterfly Nursing Homes

We are honoured to have 2 Butterfly Nursing Homes who have achieved Dementia Care Matters highest level of the Butterfly Quality of Life Award

The first Nursing Home to achieve this was Moorehall Lodge in Ardee - for articles on this please click here.

The second Nursing Home to achieve this was Fairfield Nursing Home in Drimoleague - for an article on this please click here.


As part of HIQA's regulation of Nursing Homes HIQA are adopting the Qualitative Observational approach - QUIS

QUIS is published by Dr David Sheard in the second book in his Feelings Matter Most series titled " Enabling : quality of life in dementia care - an evaluation approach " - for details of how to purchase this book please visit our 'shop' and for details on how to learn to use this by booking an in house workshop please click here.

Dr David Sheard - Speaking Engagements

David has become a well known speaker internationally as well as in the UK and is available to speak at conferences. For an example list of events in 2016, which David has participated in, please click here.

In house workshops in Ireland

Dementia Care Matters has become well known for a range of its learning and development workshops :

  • Our 1 year Culture Change in Dementia Care course previously held at St James's Hospital in Dublin 
  • Our Leadership Matters in Dementia Care workshop
  • Our Training Skills Matters ( for trainers ) workshop
  • Our Being a Butterfly workshop

These are still available to book in house for further details click here.

"Check out what Dr David Sheard, (international dementia care superhero) had to say when he came to visit us a couple of weeks ago!" - St Josephs Shankill, Ireland (13th April 2017) Catch all 5 clips below: